Why EQ Matters More Than IQ with Catie Campbell

Catie Campbell / President & Minister of Magic

August 11, 2023

Guest Bio

Catie Campbell / President & Minister of Magic

Catie Campbell is a highly experienced executive leadership coach, C-suite consultant, and speaker who has helped over 20,000 leaders and their teams transform their organizations and grow as leaders. With over 20 years of experience, Catie is known for her ability to help leaders use their gifts and strengths to achieve their goals and get the business results they desire.

Catie's approach to her work is honest, direct, and human. She combines a no-BS style with genuine compassion, empathy, and humor, helping her clients discover insights and new pathways more quickly while feeling supported on their journey. Her goal is to bring the magic back into organizations by supporting leaders and their teams to transform the way they work.

In addition to her work with corporate leaders, Catie is also deeply committed to giving back to her community. She serves as a longtime coach with Stand Beside Them, providing pro bono coaching for military members and their spouses. She also serves as a mentor to early-stage startups and provides volunteer support for high-school students learning to be entrepreneurs.

Join us as Catie shares her leadership secrets and coaching expertise, offering insights on how to improve executive presence and communication, increase emotional intelligence, develop breakthrough strategies, and gain a business edge.

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