Mark & Debbie Emery / Co-Founders of Juvo Jobs

October 28, 2022

Guest Bio

Mark & Debbie Emery / Co-Founders of Juvo Jobs

After selling their thriving HR Technology business in 2015, Mark and Debbie Emery saw there was a huge need to help the millions of people who work by the hour find work close to where they live. They knew the difficulties hourly workers were dealing with.

· It was hard to find enough hours

· It was hard to find jobs without a long commute

· Job Boards are not built to help find work close to home

So, in 2017, Debbie and Mark decided to build the solution. The Juvo Jobs app combines their 30 years of experience helping thousands of companies hire people and parenting four children into adulthood. Juvo connects people with the right hourly position, whether you are a student, a veteran, or an individual with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

At Juvo, we are changing the way America's 80 million hourly workers find jobs. The Juvo Jobs app helps people find work inside their communities and gives local businesses the best way to get noticed by local talent.

From startup through the covid lockdown, the Juvo Jobs app added over 7 million job seekers and employers. Today, the Juvo Family continues to grow, helping hourly workers connect with local employers all over the United States.

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